Formabble's AI-Driven Revolution: Shaping the Future of Collaborative Game Development

Formabble, an innovative platform for collaborative game development, is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the gaming industry. By integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into various aspects of the game development process, experimenting with training and fine-tuning its own models based on open-source software (OSS) models, and exploring generative AI integrations and gaussian splats, Formabble is poised to reshape the way games are created, played, and experienced.

Dialogue-Driven Development

Before discussing Formabble's AI, it's crucial to understand Shards, our custom programming language. Designed to be user-friendly, Shards is adaptable for both users and LLMs. For a thorough understanding, refer to our detailed article on Shards (link provided in the original document).

So far, the trend has been towards no/low code solutions using visual programming. However, we firmly believe that the trend will shift towards dialogue-driven no/low code solutions.

AI-Powered Code Generation

Currently at the heart of Formabble's AI-driven approach is its Claude/ChatGPT implementation, which generates Shards code capable of directly manipulating the game engine. This AI-powered code generation streamlines the development process, enabling creators to focus on high-level design and gameplay mechanics while the AI handles the intricate coding tasks. By automating complex coding processes, Formabble empowers developers to bring their creative visions to life more efficiently and effectively.

(Add example, text prompt → shards code)

View of Game State for AI

To further enhance the capabilities of its AI, Formabble plans to provide the AI with direct access to a snapshot or view of the game state. By granting the AI a comprehensive understanding of the game's current state, Formabble enables more informed decision-making and optimization. This integration allows the AI to analyze gameplay patterns, identify potential issues, and suggest improvements to game mechanics and overall user experience. With AI as a proactive partner in the development process, creators can iterate and refine their games more rapidly and intelligently.

(Add example, text prompt that manipulates the scene → shards code that manipulate the scene runs)

Direct Access to the Open Library of Assets

Formabble's commitment to fostering a collaborative and vibrant gaming ecosystem is exemplified by its plan to grant AI direct access to an open library of assets created by the community. By enabling the AI to search and utilize assets from a diverse pool of creators, Formabble promotes cross-pollination of ideas and encourages the development of unique and innovative gaming experiences. This open access model not only benefits individual creators but also enriches the entire Formabble community by facilitating the sharing and repurposing of high-quality assets.

(Add example, user wants to spawn an asset that is not in his library)

Opt-In for AI Model Training with User-Generated Content

To further advance its AI capabilities, Formabble will provide creators with the opportunity to opt-in and allow their user-generated content, such as models, scripts, audio, and entire games, to be used for training AI models. By leveraging the wealth of creative content produced by its community, Formabble can continuously fine-tune and improve its AI algorithms. Importantly, this approach also allows us to compensate creators for allowing us to use their data. However, the platform remains committed to ensuring the privacy and ethical use of user data, giving creators full control over how their content is utilized in the AI training process.

Experimenting with Training and Fine-Tuning OSS Models

In parallel with its other AI initiatives, Formabble is actively experimenting with training and fine-tuning its own models based on open models. By leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of the community, Formabble aims to develop highly specialized AI models tailored to the unique needs of game development. This experimentation allows Formabble to push the boundaries of AI's capabilities in the gaming industry, potentially unlocking new possibilities for procedural generation, intelligent game balancing, and adaptive gameplay experiences.

Exploring Generative AI Integrations and Gaussian Splatting

Formabble is actively exploring generative AI integrations, both internally and through external partnerships. These include text-to-3D and text-to-shaders/textures technologies, aimed at streamlining the asset creation process. By harnessing the capabilities of natural language processing and machine learning, Formabble's goal is to let creators produce high-quality 3D models, shaders, and textures directly from text descriptions. This approach has the potential to significantly cut the time and effort involved in asset creation, thereby enabling developers to concentrate on the more creative and strategic aspects of game development.

Furthermore, Formabble is investigating the use of gaussian splatting, a technique for efficient and realistic rendering of complex scenes. By incorporating gaussian splatting into its rendering pipeline, Formabble aims to enhance the visual quality and performance of games developed on its platform. This exploration of advanced rendering techniques, combined with generative AI integrations, positions Formabble at the cutting edge of game development technology.

Formabble's AI-driven approach to collaborative game development, combined with its ongoing experimentation in training and fine-tuning OSS models, generative AI integrations, and gaussian splatting, represents a significant leap forward for the gaming industry. By harnessing the power of AI across various aspects of the game development process, Formabble is empowering creators to push the boundaries of what is possible in game creation. As AI continues to evolve and integrate seamlessly into the creative process, Formabble is at the forefront of shaping the future of gaming. With its innovative platform, forward-thinking approach, and commitment to leveraging the best of both proprietary and open-source AI technologies, Formabble is poised to revolutionize not only the gaming industry but also the broader landscape of AI-driven creative collaboration.

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